Every summer we’ve had little traditions, places that we go and things that we do. This year we have a couple camp chairs, and a picnic basket. So we go down to the beaches and sit in our chairs and have our picnic, and never do I feel so blessed, as I do in that moment. This island can eat souls alive if you let it, but if you stop for just a moment to bask in the breeze, in the natural world, it can just as easily heal souls. I left the church about 5 years ago now, because I did not see Love. God said to love Him, then to love each other. The end. If you do that all the rest of it falls into place. In the last few years as I strive for this, God has given me peace about everything. If you watch the news, and listen to the doom mongers and naysayers, how easy it is to wallow and despair, to live without hope and without love. But that is not what we are meant for. There is evil in this world, I don’t deny that, but importantly there is Love.
My first thoughts when I heard about the Colorado shooting, were oh my gosh! How terrible for the victims. Then, how terrible for the shooter. We should pray for him too, that he would know Love. So to put forth my humble 2 cents, it is not about gun control, it is not about violence happening no matter what rules are imposed. Rather it is about Love. It starts with each one of us, being love.