Keep Calm…and Don't be a Jerk, ok?

Monthly Archives: April 2012

This year for April Fool’s Day Rob and I decided to play our own little joke. At midnight we both posted a picture of Rob, grinning, holding a pregnancy test, to our Facebook walls; in the hopes to create a gossipy stir amongst our friends and family. (We are NOT pregnant; we checked we didn’t want Karma to bite us in the butt.) Now, this may seem a little cruel to some, giving false hope to our loved ones. But allow me to explain why we did this;

Rob and I have been married 1yr+, we’ll have been together for only 3years this summer.

Now in our society there are certain expectations for the timing of your life as you grow older. You should date someone for a while, then get engaged, have a long engagement, throw a wedding that will drown you in debt but impress all your “friends” and family, then when you’ve been married for 6months-1year, you should get pregnant, commence baby making, helicopter, organic parenting stage, then when your little darling is 2-3years old, you should have another baby, and continue on this cycle for approx. 3-5 little heathens…I mean darling, talented, special, brilliant, children. And so on until you’ve sent them all to college and paved their way in life at any cost, at which point you attempt to retire somewhere and live out the rest of your days being cared for by people who are not your family.

                So according to society, Rob and I should have one baby by now; we are not following the unwritten timeline. AND PEOPLE ASK US ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME! Or feel that it’s ok to insinuate that we might be.  Really people?

Since when is it ok to poke into other people’s lives, particularly with such old-fashioned expectations? Its 2012, we have been blessed with so many wonderful things in the modern world, which has given us more freedom of choice than ever before, let’s have a little respect for people and their choices or lack there-of. We live in a wonderful era, it may not seem like it all the time, but make a study of any period in history you’ll find we have it made here in America.

All I ask is that you take some time to have a meaningful, or fun, or silly, or philosophical conversation. We love those kinds of questions much more than “So, got any little ones on the way? (Or variations thereof)” as they say all nonchalantly, dripping with curiosity. Or go on pinterest and get your baby fix there. Don’t leech it from us poor untraditional 20-somethings

  Now, I’ll get down from my horse and just say this; Rob and I are not in our ideal place to start a family yet. We’d like to at least have a house (which we are currently working on), then we’ll consider it. So in the meantime we are taking measures to stick to the time that is right for us. Though if God decides to bless us with a little one we would be ok. And we’d really appreciate it if everyone quit asking us about it. If we have real news to share of a new addition, I promise it will be all over Facebook as soon as we know.